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Carousel Of Love Daycare
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About Carousel Of Love Daycare
We believe in treating all the children with lots of love and attention. We have 3 children of our own. I started my daycare 4 months before my oldest was born - Carousel Of Love Daycare was opened in1992.

Licensed Group Family Daycare Home-Enrollment- We are Licensed for 12 children ages 6wks-12yrs old and 4 additional B/A school children (but that doesn't mean we enroll that many)

  • Providers are First aid and CPR certified
  • Smoke free and safe environment
  • We are a family like environment. The environment is peaceful, simple, and safe. Allowing the parents to feel secure leaving their child/ren in a secure and familiar atmosphere.

Hours Of Operation are currently 6:30am-5:00pm (5:30 if needed and approved with provider)

DAYCARE IS OPEN: (50 wks a year)
Daycare is closed on some holidays and providers take 3 sick and 3 personal paid days a year
2 week vacation (no pay)
(all arranged at the beginning of the year and handed out to parents to plan for) have done this way for 20plus yrs (have only closed 1 time that wasn't scheduled) We are very reliable providers.

PRICING: $185 for fulltime; $145 for part-time (3 full days a week)

ALL MEALS PROVIDED: We serve nutritious meals and snacks.

For Infants we provide Enfamil with Iron (If you would like another kind Your welcome to bring it)
We welcome breastfeed babies.
We can provide baby food when Provider and Parent feel the Child is ready

For children over 1 we provide a well balanced breakfast, lunch and snack
Milk(whole milk for children under 2 and over 2 get 1%-breakfast and lunch
Grain-breakfast and lunch
\ meat or alternative-lunch
vegetables or fruit) or 1 of each for lunch
vegetable or fruit for breakfast
Snack consists of
1 fruit or vegetable and
1 grain 
We provide seconds of the meal if child asks for it, we do family style serving

Children are allowed to come to daycare midly sick(colds etc.) State law requires no children with fevers over 101 and no diarrhea, throwing up,or flu
24 hrs after a fever has broken before a child can come back to daycare after being sent home-same with diarrhea or throwing up
24 hrs after the start of antibiotics and no fever can a child come back to childcare

MEDICATION: We do not dispense any medications-prescription or over the counter. We can apply tropical creams and sunscreen as long as it is not a prescription.

Diapers and 2 changes of clothing everyday
A package of diapers and wipes can be left here if you like
and clothing can stay here if updated for every season change
We will let you know when your child is running low

 I will assist with potty training but parents need to do the same thing at home

Great Location just off Rte 13 (easy on and off) George Rd, Freeville - just outside village of Dryden.  EXTREMELY CONVENIENT FOR CORNELL PARENTS!!
Carousel Of Love Daycare
Lorie Leyburn
390 George Rd Freeville, NY 13068
Phone: (607) 280-5006

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